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W.H.J.D. Bracelet

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Color: Black
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What Has Jesus Done? A question we believe is fundamental to the faith and even more important than "What Would Jesus Do?" Why? Because if we don't understand and believe what Jesus did (His life, death and resurrection), it doesn't matter if we ask "What Would Jesus Do" or "What Would Gandhi Do?" Jesus wasn't just a good role model, Jesus was the Son of God, who stepped down from the heavenly throne and humbled himself to a servant, obedient to God, even to death, and became the only sacrificial offering that could satisfy the wrath of God for our sins. Jesus did what no man could do, and offers what no man can, eternal life and salvation. This question brings an answer that goes beyond a situation, choice, or behavior. The answer, brings radical transformation, and as we pursue Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit, will not only tell us "What Jesus Would Do," but make us more like Him.