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Finding Hope in the New Earth
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Finding Hope in the New Earth

When you first encounter someone talking about the “New Earth,” you may assume they’re discussing a new climate initiative or referring to a new NASA project. But when Christians bring up the “New Earth,” they’re referring to the final stages of God's plan for the world, when there will be a new and transformed earth, free from sin, suffering, and corruption.

While living for eternity on the New Earth sounds wonderful, many don’t understand that there’s a flip side that some will experience. Those thinking they can simply wait it out and somehow fold into the New Earth need to hear the gospel.

As a Christian ambassador, you have endless opportunities to share the hope that comes with believing in Jesus Christ so that others can escape eternal judgment. Understanding what the New Earth means and how it impacts both believers and nonbelievers can change lives, and this post breaks down the details you need so you can share the good news of Jesus Christ with others.

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What Is the New Earth?

Although it contains the word “new,” the New Earth doesn’t represent a new idea. Since sin entered the world in Genesis, God has promised a renewal. The New Earth represents the ultimate fulfillment of God's purposes for creation and the final dwelling place of believers in God's presence—a place of eternal peace, joy, and perfection.

You can share the joy and hope of the New Earth because, when Jesus comes again as the Bible promises, God will bring about the ultimate redemption and transformation of the physical world. As a Christian ambassador sharing the good news of Christ, you may encounter people who struggle with the pain they experience in the world. Knowing that salvation opens the door to being citizens of the New Earth offers a hope they can only find in Jesus.

The Bible points out in Romans 8:22–23, “For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now. And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.”

All of creation, individuals included, are suffering from the effects of sin. The Bible highlights how our bodies and creation itself are anticipating redemption because of the pain we experience. The New Earth is not a new hope, but the only hope for a sinful world. People struggling with sin or the effects of sin question their purpose in life, and Jesus is their life-changing answer. They need to hear that they can find hope and comfort.

On the New Earth, believers will experience perfect harmony between God, humanity, and creation, living in a redeemed and perfected version of the present world, where all the effects of sin and brokenness will be eliminated. So reaching others with the gospel truth is not only a way to grow the kingdom but to help people escape the pain of this sinful world and offer true hope.

The New Earth includes an important element, the presence of God in a way that exceeds our current experience. The New Earth is not just a physical realm but a place where the glory of God will be fully manifested, a place of unending joy, peace, and communion with God.

Romans 3:23 reports that everyone has sinned and falls short of God’s glory. The world we live in is a sinful one, which brings pain and suffering. But the New Earth will be that creation restored that God pronounced as “good” in Genesis. Perfect harmony and peace without sin and suffering will be the fruit of that New Earth.

People will still have physical bodies, but these bodies will be transformed and glorified. There will be no more suffering, pain, or death. Relationships will be marked by perfect love and unity, and all aspects of human life will be glorified and devoted to the worship and service of God. The brokenness and division caused by sin will be healed, and humanity will live in harmony with God's creation.

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Who Dwells on the New Earth?

Simply put: Believers will inhabit the New Earth and live with God forever. The urgency of sharing the message of Jesus Christ is to help bring others to believe so they, too, can live forever with God on Earth.

You can share with others how God created a perfect world, but that because of man’s sin, pain and death followed. Romans 3:23 points out that everyone sins and can’t possibly reach God because of their sin.

As you read further in Romans, you will discover that Romans 6:23 states that sin—which everyone is guilty of—has only one punishment, which is death, which doesn’t sound much like harmony or good news.

However, Romans 6:23 goes on to give an alternative. This verse concludes: “. . . but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” That is the good news:

  • Sinners can’t escape punishment on their own, but God provided a way through Jesus Christ to escape death and eternal judgment.
  • Sinners can’t do anything to save themselves, but God provided a way to Him through Jesus Christ.
  • Sin results in the punishment of death, but Jesus Christ was our substitute.

John 3:16 plainly and clearly shares how God loved us all so much that Jesus died for our sins. His resurrection three days later was a triumph over sin and death that gave the world a path to restoration.

The New Earth is a future state of perfect restoration and renewal, where God's original design for creation will be fully realized. It will be a place of complete joy, communion with God, and perfect relationships with others, characterized by the absence of sin and the fullness of God's glory.

Those who don’t know Christ can’t have this hope of dwelling on the New Earth, but they need it. We all live in a broken world, and the questions and fear many people face today can be resolved through believing in Jesus Christ. Sharing God’s message brings others into His kingdom and offers hope that one day, all will be restored and renewed.

Christian believers understand that the New Earth is a promise of the ultimate reconciliation and restoration of creation. Christian ambassadors are tasked with sharing this hope so that others can rest confidently in the assurance that God's plan for humanity and the world will ultimately be fulfilled, and they will dwell with God in a renewed and perfect earth.



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