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Ask Me About Jesus Tee

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Such a simplistic design with such a powerful statement and call to action. You'd be surprised how many people want to learn more about Jesus! They are just simply waiting for the opportunity to ask someone. They might not even know anyone who knows Jesus, and the thought of walking into a church alone can be terrifying.

Imagine if simply doing what you do everyday, wearing a shirt (hopefully), could make an ETERNAL difference in someone choosing Jesus or not. All you have to do is where the shirt, and you open a door to Jesus for others who might not have another opportunity. Be the difference. Bring that joy and excitement that Christ has given you to the world. Be a vessel and we promise, God will show up.

This shirt is from comfort colors and printed by us. 100% pre-shrunk cotton and True to Size. Comfort colors no doubt lives up to the name comfort. (See sizing below for details)

Size: Small
Color: Blue Jean

Customer Reviews

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Bought it for my sister, and she loves the message on this, thanks for selling such cool merch

Landon Metzger
Did not get the shirts I ordered

I requested certain shirts of the site and I did not get the ones I asked for. A little disappointed

Mia Simpson
love love this shirt!

I love how this shirt makes it so easy to enter into a Gospel conversation. It is literally asking people to ask about Jesus on your shirt! That is a straight open door to the Gospel!!

Tanner Lusk
Love it!!

I got this shirt on sale last year and it fits amazing!! It’s one of my favorite shirts and people compliment it a lot. Few people has asked me about Jesus too. Great quality and great, simple design. 10/10

Annika Conn
Most Worn Tshirt I own!!!!

It’s my favorite and most worn tshirt BY FAR! It’s so comfy and soft and the colors are so nice!! I HAVE BOTH COLORS! My fiancé has one as well and we have accidentally twinned a few too many times… we just both love it so much! I love how simple the design is and has such a powerful effect. God has created conversations and evoked curiosity in people when we have worn this shirt. 10/10 recommend to anyone & everyone!